February 10th, 2004

Kitten dancing in a cage2

Can Kitten burlesque?

Things I learned last night during my very first time trying to choreograph and practice for the burlesque contest:

  • I can remove my top while arching backwards…yay me!

  • My attempt at a costume sucks. It’s just club clothes with a stripper outfit on underneath. But buying a real burlesque costume for this contest is just not possible right now.

  • “Love You To Death” by Type O Negative is not a good song to burlesque to. I’m switching to a Conjure One song.

  • It’s a pain in the ass because the song only lasts 3 minutes. So as you rehearse every 3 minutes you keep having to put your clothes back on over and over and over again to start over and practice again. And they’re flung everywhere all over the room because flinging them is just what you do when you’re undressing for show. Believe me, taking them off is way easier then finding them again and putting them all back on.

  • The dancing pole will have to be removed from my bedroom for the next 2 weeks. I keep wanting to grab onto it during burlesque practice because it is second nature to me now. But there are no poles in burlesque!

  • Burlesque, for me, is turning out to be just another form for me to creatively express myself. And god do I love doing that!!

Mark your calendars everybody. The show is Friday February 20th. Glitzkrieg Burlesque will be performing along with 7 of us amateur competitors.
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