January 28th, 2004

Willow & Tara kissing

I didn't know what "rich" meant

I just discovered the "rich text" link today. All this time I've been doing my Live Journal HTML by hand. And I could have just used those handly little icon buttons instead!!! It's like finding out you've had a maid all along after you've made your own bed and washed your own dishes every day for a year.
socks and cat

Ask me anything - answers

Answers to questions that you folks asked me in this post:

WTF are you doing with your life!? Why are you wasting your brain and your talents?

Desperately so!

Compassion and the ability to see things from other people's point of view (or if not, at least the desire and ability to not to judge them).

Yes. But I'm afraid I'm not a very good one right now.

Become successful at a career that I am great at, that fulfills me, that helps others and pays me abundantly.

Yes. But not until you stop looking for the perfect companion and instead start becoming that perfect companion.

I really never thought so but everyone else seems to think so. And in this case I think I'll let the majority win.

Physically? Yes, definitely women.
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