December 25th, 2003

Kitten dancing in a cage2

No complaints here (except for maybe the toe biting ferret)

A strange Christmas indeed. I am being spoiled mercilessly by a friend. The only thing better than a friend who gives good snuggle is one who makes you a kick-ass breakfast afterward...and then lets you go back to bed to sleep it off. I'm also raiding his music collection which is making me very happy.

As I write this his ferrets are running amok on the bedroom floor. I think one of the ferrits has a foot fetish because she attempted to eat my big toe.

Last night we went to pie night at gkr's followed by a service at Benaroya Hall. We sat up in the balcony which was really fun. It's been so long since I've been to services at Center For Spiritual living that I almost feel like an outsider. Yet familiar faces greeted me as if I had not been gone even a week. It felt so good to be welcomed back into the fold.

Not having a job makes Christmas pretty much go away. No presents to buy. Can't visit family. No tree or decorations in the apartment. No office parties either. I have successfully managed to avoid Christmas all together and turn it into just a lazy day to relax and connect with friends, both old and new.