December 9th, 2003

socks and cat

Kitten defies gravity!

Thank you darkmane for taking this picture of me pole spinning Wednesday at the Vogue:

corkscrew pole spin

Pictures like this are essential for me to check my work and progress. I didn't realize until I saw this that my hand positioning was off. The hand grasping the pole up by my stomach (hidden by my legs) is actually supposed to be grasping the pole down below my body. Because of this mistake I wasn't able to control my descent properly. Or in other words; I was spinning toward the floor too fast! Is anyone going to the Vogue next Wednesday? I'd like a few more pictures please.

It's tough being a beginning student. How am I doing so far?
Kitten behind bars

I'm sure I did the right thing

I think I just made a huge mistake. One of my temp agencies called me with a one day only phone assignment. I turned it down. I hope my rep doesn't think of me as some one who can't be counted on now. I told her I would take it if she couldn't find anyone else. I want her to at least know I'm reliable if she needs me.

It just seems pointless. I'd make $100 which would be subtracted from my unemployment check once I report that I've made $100 this week. Plus I'd have an impossible time getting up tomorrow morning for a job since I've been up until 2:00 and 3:00am every night since I got back. I'd be half asleep at the job. Plus I'm a slow learner. It might take me half the day to learn the job, then it would be over for good a few hours later. And if I was dead tired it would make learning it even harder. Then they'd report back to my rep that I was slow and made a lot of mistakes, thus making it less likely that I get good future assignments.

But still, I feel like crap for turning it down. Dammit!