December 5th, 2003

socks and cat

Hurray for lap dancing!

For missreagan:

This is from the front page of the LA Times...

Over the protests of angry residents, the Los Angeles City Council retreated Friday from its ban on lap dancing and voted to allow near-naked women to continue gyrating in customers laps.

Council members said they had little choice but to reverse the ban once adult business owners had collected enough signatures to force a referendum on the issue on the March 2005 ballot. If he measure had succeeded, a host of new regulations on strip clubs would have been thrown out along with the lap dancing ban.

Rather than take a chance on a costly and politically disruptive public campaign, council members voted 11 to 0 for a compromise in which lap dancing would be allowed, but the city's 40 adult clubs would accept some strict new rules. Among them: Private VIP rooms (where some fear prostitution is occurring) will be banned; touching of the breasts and genitals will not be allowed; and clubs will be forced to hire state licensed security guards and renew their permits every year.
socks and cat

What should I do tonight

Last night was rough on me. I finally collapsed in bed at 2:00am and proceeded to sleep for 10 hours!!!

On the Discovery channel last night was the MOST amazing 2 hour show on martial arts. I continue to be helplessly in love with the martial arts but without the time to pursue them. And if there's one thing I learned from the more difficult pole tricks it is how exhilarating and empowering it is to find out your body can do things you never imagined it could! They discussed how much of the martial arts are actually concentration and focus. I can only imagine right now how that kind of mental discipline could change my life. Much of it is about quieting the mind and not hearing the useless chatter. Oddly enough, the same thing required for beautiful dance (pole or otherwise).

Tonight I'm torn about what to do. I'd like to go to the Vogue, have a drink with sweetestkiss and dance until I can't think anymore! On the other hand I just really need some quiet cuddles in front of the tv. What to do...what to do...
socks and cat

change of plans

The Vogue may not be happening tonight after all. My roommate is going to see "Kill Bill" tonight which I have yet to see. Heck, I only saw one movie all summer long and that was the midnight showing of "Underworld." Plus I haven't seen my roommate in a month and I'd like to catch up with him.

As much as I'm DYING to dance the idea of being warm in a thick sweater and coat is just much more attractive right now than freezing my tail off in a skimpy outfit at the Vogue.