December 1st, 2003

socks and cat

Sans computer now

Dammit! One thing I was looking forward to when I got home was unlimited internet time. In LA I had to wait for hours for a chance at the computer or pay for internet cafe time. So last night I was at home finally catching up on some friend's journals when the left side of the computer went black...and quickly spread to the entire screen. I turned the monitor off and then back on again to see if that helped. Now when I turn it on the power light (which is usually green when the monitor is on) now blinks red.

My new roommate John will be out of town for at least part of December if not all of it and he has generously offered his monitor while he's gone. So I'll hook up his monitor to my computer today to find out if it's the monitor or the video card that went bad. I'd be surprised if it was the monitor. It's Sony, about 3 years old, and my experience with Sonys is that they last forever.

If hooking his monitor to my computer works I'll have computer access for a while and I'll post more. If not, I'll have to head over to the library once a day to check my e-mail. And I have SOOOOOOO much to post! I won't be able to read your posts for a while. :( I'm off now to brace myself for more internet withdrawals.
socks and cat

Computer Recommendations Please

My monitor is deceased. My computer has been falling apart for years. It freezes daily, the USB port doesn't work, sometimes it won't open internet and I have to reboot, it's out of memory...the list goes on. It's time to replace them both.

I'm leaning toward Dell since they have low monthly payments and no interest until June (by then I might get my insurance settlement to pay for it). I'm thinking about the one on this page in the middle for $549. But I'm open to any non-Dell suggestions as well as long as it doesn't involve having a computer built from scratch.

Also, does anyone know how much memory I need if I want to:
  • download and save videos
  • store tons of photos
  • do graphic design (PhotoShop)
  • upload all my CD's and store lots of mp3's

Or does all this require a larger hard drive?