November 20th, 2003

socks and cat

The pole makes me VERY happy!

In a previous post about my class I think I said that the backward cat crouch was the hottest, sexiest move a woman could possible do. Ahem...I STAND CORRECTED. The level two class does moves that makes the level one class look like a bunch of preschoolers rolling around on the foor! Behold the cat crouch hip role combination!!!! Somehow it manages to be raunchy and dirty yet beautiful and sensual at the same time. This is a gift to men and women everywhere. Men, if a woman you find even half attractive does this on the floor you will want'll want to jump her or you're gay or quite dead. And women, if you practice this move 2 to 3 times a week at home you'll have abs of steel. I've only been doing the S Factor program for, what, like three weeks now? My abs look better now than they did back when I used to do sit ups three times a week. Only this is a HELL of a lot more fun than some stupid painful crunches.

Today I learned a pole spin called the half pint. Then we re-learned the firefly so that we can do it one handed. We also did one that involved spinning with your legs in splits in the air. Dear god I LOVE this craft!!!

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