November 17th, 2003

socks and cat

I learned to lap dance!!! (aka Kitten's first private lesson)

There is nothing quite as exciting as learning to do and then accomplishing something you thought was impossible to do. I thought only strong athletic girls could do this pole trick. And when my instructor demonstrated the "corkscrew" I thought surely this was impossible. But with much work and and determination I actually managed to hold my body horizontally on a vertical pole! All those sit ups I used to do finally came in handy as I needed strong stomach muscles when I learned to curl my body up around the pole and spin this way.

I also learned the graceful (less athletic looking) way to climb a pole as a precursor to hanging upside down from it - the move I so desperately long to learn. I got pole burn on the insides of my thighs as I both gripped the pole between my legs for dear life and tried to slide down gracefully. Apparently while holding yourself up this way you're supposed to be able to push your rear end out and arch your back so your breasts are pushed forward. It totally goes against your instinctual need to hold on and keep close to the pole for leverage. Wow, this is serious stuff. You don't just walk into a class and learn to climb and swing. Apparently this is an art form that you have to be serious about to learn.

We spent so much time on the pole that there were times when my arm muscles felt like jelly and there was just no way I was going to be swinging around that pole again. That's when I really had to psyche myself up, feel the trembling muscles and just say fuck it I can do this NO MATTER WHAT! I pretty much defied the laws of physics with my determination and my love for this craft. Yay me! I also learned how to swing around the pole one handed and land on my knees. I'm making a mental note to keep my rear pushed back, my arm straight and swing with my head as far out as possible. It's these little technicalities that can make the move so beautiful.

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Oh and one more thing...everything hurts! I used every muscle in my body to climb, swing, pull myself up and let myself down slowly and gently. Now I understand why Sheila says after three months of this program women find themselves in the best shape of their lives. It uses all your muslces, makes you more graceful, and gives you a sense of power and self confidence like no other work out program on earth. Not to mention how fun it could be if you have some one special in your life.
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