November 16th, 2003

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My review of the Dungeon

Some one from sent me a copy of her $5 off coupon and I got into the Dungeon for only $5. I also managed to get a parking space on the street just 2 bocks away. At the door they check your ID. If you're 21 or over you get a lime green wrist band so that you can buy alcohol. If you're under 21 you get in without the wrist band.

Live flogging shows started almost immediately with ample tables and seating in front of the stage (the dance floor is behind he stage). They had a variety of attractive people rotating and doing these shows all night. People were chained, cuffed, rope tied or just hanging from contraptions on stage as they were whipped and paddled. Toward the end of the night one woman was wrapped from head to toe in saran wrap. Only her rear end was exposed so it could be paddled. She had a breathing tube in her mouth protruding from the plastic wrap so that she could breathe. When it was over it was actually rather interesting watching them cut her out of her plastic cocoon.

The music on the main dance floor was great! It was a huge floor with 3 large go-go type boxes to dance on. I used the dance floor when attendance was sparse and moved up to the boxes when the floor was packed. I just assumed that my dancing would be no big deal here. In a town full of professional performers and dancers surely my moves would go unnoticed. Not the case. Surprisingly no one there danced like I did and it wasn't long before I found that people were staring at me as I danced up on the box.

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I just saw the movie "Quills". Good god it was moving, intense and insanely erotic (did it just get hotter in here?). I'm still trying to cool off after seeing this movie. Did anyone see it? Because there were some things I did not understand.

It appeared that Madeleine left some kind of death note. But that doesn't seem possible considering how quickly and violently she was murdered. Did it say something about a tongue? And is that why the Abbe cut out the tongue of the Marquis De Sade? And what drove the Abbe insane? Was it his love for Madeleine? Or the Marquis' death? Why was he so distraught over the Marquis' death?

"If I wasn't such a bad woman on the page, I couldn't be such a good woman in life."
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