November 5th, 2003

socks and cat

The first day of class

Sweet holy Jesus you would not believe what goes on in this class!!!! I spent the first hour of the class on my hands and knees learning all different ways to twist, turn, move forward, backward, up, down and generally writhe around in ways developed to showcase every curve on a woman. Ummm...not to mention the fact that I spent the first hour of the class watching 19 beautiful women on their hands and knees doing the same. I understand now why men are not allowed in this class.

We spend a lot of time doing everything very slowly, learning to feel the music and and let it move us like a wave. And we take a lot of time to explore our bodies, discovering curves we probably never considered before or thought of as sexy.

And good lord Sheila Kelley is far more beautiful in person than she is on television or pictures. She's in her 40's and pole dancing and erotic dance has kept her in amazing shape. She's also very brazen and confident about her body. So much so that I began to suspect I just wasn't in touch with my sexuality enough to teach these techniques. At one point as we're all on our backs with our legs in the air she had us spread them and ease our feet apart and down to the floor. As she did the move herself she joked, "That's right I have a vagina and I have a head, talk to it!" I thought, oh wow, is this the temerity you need to teach this class?

I spent a little too much time in my head during the class. The more moves we did the more I worried that I would start to forget the moves we did earlier. I was distracted by beautiful women writhing around on their backs or their hands and knees all around me. One of them was Terri Hatcher, who you may remember as the actress who played Lois on the t.v. series Lois & Clark. I wondered if I was doing the moves correctly and how I looked since there were no mirrors. Sometimes the moves were so strenuous my legs would tremble and shake. And there were times when I felt like I needed to collapse and rest. But I persevered. And Sheila reminded us we don't want our minds in that class. She couldn't be more right. Thinking all these distracting thoughts do not help. Closing your eyes, feeling the music, letting it move you in ways you never knew you could move before, letting your hands explore the curves of your face and your neck and your body, feeling more vulnerable and more strong than you have ever felt in your life, these are the keys to learning this dance.

I have so much more to say. But the public library only allows 30 minutes on the internet. More about the class later tonight.