November 3rd, 2003

socks and cat

morning at the hostel

With all the posting I'm doing you'd never know I was gone. I forgot one of the other advantages of hosteling. You meet people! There's always a common area to read, chat with folks or play board games.

I met a lovely woman in my room who practices a form of energy healing that is extremely similar to the energetic healing that I used to practice. We compared programs and it sounds like the one she learned from is put together much better and the founder and teacher is much more dynamic. I learned energy healing from Dr. Kam Yuen is who is amazing (I've seen him instantly heal pain that people have had for years) but his teaching style is dry as toast.

This reminds me of something I heard on the motivational tapes on the way up here. That when you're selling something it's not really the product that people get interested in. It's your </i>excitement</i> and enthusiasm! The more excited and genuinely on fire you are about what you've got to share with the world the more people will want it. Please remind me, if I ever get tired of my pole dancing, to quit. Because if I'm not excited about it then I shouldn't be teaching it anymore.

Anyway, this lovely woman who practices healing asked me where I was traveling to and what I was doing there. She gave me her card and told me she would be interested in taking my class! She lives in Portland. I love the sound of that, people driving all the way up from portland to take my class! The more I talk about my goal of teaching this the more people give me they would like to learn. I'm starting an e-mail list of all the people to contact when I'm ready to have my first class.

So it's time to hit the road again. Fist I'll stop at McD's for a nice breakfast. Then I'll stop at Safeway and buy two bags of frozen peas to put on my back to help bring down all the inflammation that this driving has triggered. And I guess this would be a great time to actually remember my energy healing. I brought my workbook with me and hopefully I'll pick it up again in LA.
Kitten behind bars

Day two on the road

Girl with ADD so should NOT be on the road for hours at a time. After only an hour and a half on the road this morning I felt like I had been driving ALL DAY! Perhaps it was a flashback to yesterday when I actually was on the road all day. There have been some wonderful highlights but the long hours driving have been very hard on me. I don't think I should do this again on the way back. Even if it means spending more money on hotels or hostels and even if it means taking 6 days to get back instead of three, I need shorter driving hours. My body and my attention challenged mind can't take this kind of driving for hours on end.

On the upside I am enjoying the evening at my aunt's house in Fresno. I'm getting the four star treatment here! She picked up a chicken teryaki bowl for me for dinner. My favorite food!! My uncle is out of town but one of her sons (my cousin) came by and visited and the three of us chatted. It was SO nice to have some human conversation after hours alone on the road. So here I have my own room with a big bed and feather pillows. I also have my own bathroom because in this house there are three and a half bathrooms!. She picked up a croissant and some fruit for me to have for breakfast tomorrow. I will take those on the road since she also offered eggs or cereal if I want to make myself breakfast in the morning (she'll be at work by the time I get up). This is definitely better than the hostel. I'm enjoying this a lot!

However, I still feel like some one beat me up. Hurt all over. Muscles tight. I need a massage...or at least some snuggles? Maybe even a pet or two? Just somebody help my poor aching body please! Ow...ow...ow...