October 12th, 2003

socks and cat

My new snuggle buddy Peabody

My roommate's cat gives such good snuggle. Once again I woke up to find her all curled up with me and purring. Whichever way I lay she finds some nook or crook in my body to curl up against. Sometimes she snuggles under the covers with me, purring like a motorboat.

When I wake up she plays a game with me. She gets on top of the covers and I put my hand under the covers. I moved my hand back and forth in front of her and to her it looks like a blanket lump that's moving all around. She attacks it and tries to bite it. I attack back by grabbing her paws from underneath the blanket. We fight like this until she freaks out and I lose it in fits of giggling.

Normally she sleeps with my roommate, but he's away for the weekend. I hope he does that a little more often so I can have more overnights with her.
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