October 10th, 2003

socks and cat

Just checking...

Anyone else going to the Vogue tonight?

Not sure it's safe to pole dance. My arms are still sore from the push ups I did on Tuesday! But I'll give it a whirl anyway. :)

Mmmm...I can smell the smoke and hear the heavenly squeak of PVC already.

And note to self: Do not wear fishnet underwear when wearing the PVC pants with the big decorative zipper in the front (again!). The fishnet WILL get caught in the zipper every &*#%$*#@!!! time you try to take them off!!
socks and cat

today's fluff

Newsweek reports that evidence of biological weaponry has been found in Iraq, in the ruins of a desert fortress at Hatra. Of course they're from the third century, and are clay pots that the citizens of Hatra filled with scorpions and dropped on the heads of invaders. A siege by the Romans lasted only 20 days.

and on an entirely different note...

Blue Goth
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socks and cat

Utopia is no more

I just checked Utopia's website only to see this message:

Events Canceled
Events Canceled

Thank you for attending past events

Aside from the fact that I'm crushed that one of my paid dancing gigs is no more...that event kicked ass! Name one other club in town that has trapeze artists, both male and female gay and straight go-go dancers in cages, erotic mimes and jugglers and belly dancers performing!!

I knew it wasn't profitable yet. But we had just added a new DJ and the event was becoming VERY popular among the fetish crowd. I'm so heart broken that it is cancelled. :(

I wonder when the manager was going to tell me?
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