October 1st, 2003

socks and cat

Happy tummy

So tonight's events included cuddling, petting, attempted removal of my sweater and a breast feel up. Of course this was all by a cat named Guenevere (what can I say, her paws wonder)! God she's SUCH an attention whore. Never have I had a cat lay on me for 2 hours and let me pet and brush and cuddle her for so long.

gkr made me an awsome dinner tonight. The man claims to be a novice, but don't let him fool you. He can cook and bake like nobody's business! I ate and ate until I was too full to move. Then his cat lulled me into tranquility with it's wheezy asthmatic purring.

Ladies, if GKR ever offers to make you dinner, jump on the chance! Oh heck, don't wait for him to offer...ask him! But bring a full body hazmat suit to protect you from all the cat fur that Guenevere sheds.
socks and cat

Getting things done. Yeah!

I sent an e-mail to the pole dancing school in L.A. today asking what the intensive program schedule is for November. I also asked for a synopsis of the first 4 group classes so I can decide how many of them I need. I hope they don't mind answering all my questions. I'm ready to go!

I also e-mail Center For Spiritual Living and asked for instructions on how to start making payments on the tuition I borrowed to take the retreat in August. It's really important to me that I pay that off.

Things to do before I leave for Los Angeles:

1. Get new rear tires. They're probably below legal tread wear at this point.

2. Sell my digital camera

3. Sit ups and push ups every other day!!! I need some muscle to take full advantage of this class.

I also just got an audit notice from Unemployment. I'm still temping and will have to reschedule it for that week or so between the time my temp job ends and the time I leave for L.A. Hopefully. I mean there's no solid LA plans at this point.

Technically this is the second time I have been audited. The first time was in April and it was only because I had finally found a job but then was fired a month later. To re-open my claim they had me fax my entire 9 months worth of job hunting logs. It took forever to organize. I keep very sloppy job hunting records. Ack! Now I'll have to organize another 6 months worth of haphazard records.
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