September 21st, 2003

socks and cat

Another great night in the cage - this time as a naughty school girl

Great night go-go dancing for Girl4Girl at the Catwalk. My roommate Michael (accidentally?) referred to it as "Girl on Girl." I laughed. But I suppose that's an accurate title as well.

I worked my ass off on my costume for the night. I went through 4 skirts before I finally got the right one. FOUR!!!! The first one was a real honest to god catholic school uniform. It was child's size and I thought I could alter it to fit me. Instead, I accidentally mutilated it. Then I found a cute blue plaid one. But it made me look more like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. assassinpandora loaned me what would have been the perfect skirt. But I'm short and she's not. The darn thing, on my short little body, came almost to my knees. Not sexy. But thank you for the loan C!!!

Oddly enough, the skirt I ended up wearing is, get this, Lance's skirt. He gave it to my roommate Amy's fiance (who cross dresses) and he didn't want it so he gave it to her. She didn't want it so she gave it to me. It was also too long and was open on the sides. But because it was mine to keep, I was free to alter it. I hemmed up seven inches and filled in the gaps on the sides with the remaining fabric. I accidentally hemmed it to short. So short that it didn't even cover my rear end completely. With my underwear showing like that, I opted for a sexy black lace pair. But lace is a little...ummm...revealing. So my friend Dianne saved the day by running me over to Fred Meyer where I got a black thong (to wear under the black lace) for only $5. You can see the finished costume in my icon here. I'll post a bigger picture next week. I'm waiting to see if any of the pictures brianfey took at the club came out.

I felt VERY sexy in that little school girl uniform. The fact is, when I'm working the cage, I LIKE being a sex object. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a caged animal and I'm there strictly for the pleasure of others. And people wonder where I get all my energy as a dancer. With an attitude like that, you can't help but writhe around happy all night. :) And I get paid for this pleasure. Can you believe it!?

And once again *beaming* I kicked ass. Compliments like "you're fucking awsome" and "you're the best dancer here" made me glow. But it was especially meaningful when it came from Chris. I thought Chris was just one of the dancers. But it turns out she is one of the part owners of the Girl4Girl event as well. She said, "It's one thing to have the look, which you do. But it's another entirely to dance the way you. You're energy is amazing."

Yay me!! :) Excuse me while my head gets all big now.

So if anyone feels like objectifying me, or just coming to the club for a good time, the next UTOPIA is Saturday October 4th. If you're going, see me (BEFORE you get into the club) for a special invitation card that you can exchange for a free drink ticket.
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