September 19th, 2003

socks and cat

Update on the Kitten life

Just heard from my temp job boss. They are making the offer (of my temp job) to two people this week. I am not one of them. YAY! YAY! YAYYYYY!!!

But the new person probably won't start until the middle of October. BOO. BOO. BOOOOO! :(

So I said I may need to take a week off at the end of this month (not mentioning it was due to burn out from this job). She said they have no problem with that. YAY! YAY! YAYYYYYYY!!!!

Other than scraping by on less money (unemployment should kick in that week), that week off means:

- Finally unpacking after my move 3 weeks ago!!!!
- Catching up with friends I miss! I want to visit stillraven and hannahadams and my_ophelia and bunches of other folks!!!
- More time to start exercising and meditating again.
- I'll get to take the bus down to Oregon and spend an entire weekend visiting Lance! He'll be SO happy. I can't wait to tell him. Dammit, I don't have e-mail or I'd tell him right now!

Wow, I'm actually planning more than is humanly possible to cram into a week off. I'll probably spend more time catching up on sleep than anything else.
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