September 15th, 2003

socks and cat

Pirates of the Caribbean

I'm surprised, because after all the talk about dead-sexy Johnny Dep...I finally see the movie and Captain Jack Sparrow did nothing for me. I thought he was kind of icky and obnoxious. Keira Knightley, on the other hand, made my heart race. I

socks and cat

I want! I want!

I had to get my film developed yesterday. Everytime there is an event I end up paying $10 to $13 for developing (not to mention $3 for the film) plus a disc option so I can have digital copies. The digital camera I have now is too huge to lug around to clubs and parties. It's this one. If you scroll down for a picture, you'll see how big and bulky it is.

I'm desperately longing for THIS ONE. I can just slip it in my purse and have it for every event!

The Pentax I want is $400. I checked on eBay and my Sony Mavica is selling for between $200 to $330. i can't figure out why some people are getting bids as high as $330 and some are getting only close to $200. There doesn't seem to be a big difference in the auction presentations. Perhaps the market for this camera just varies from week to week. I've also seen my Sony selling for $500 online. Maybe for people who don't know they can get it for $200 on eBay?

So the question is, how can I get $350 to $400 for my Sony? I'll be checking around. And of course getting the Pentax for less (maybe $350) would really seal the deal! The first thing I need to do is take pictures of my camera to put online. Only I don't have an extra digital camera to take a picture of my camera with. Doh! That just strikes me as kind of funny.
socks and cat

Update to my last post...

I checked on eBay and I can in fact get the Pentax Optio S digital camera for $350. And I think I might be able to get at least $300 for my current camera, if not a few dollars more. Which means I can get the $400 (normal retail price) camera of my dreams for the difference of about $50.

The catch: the camera of my dreams requires a USB port to download pictures. My USB port does not work.