September 11th, 2003

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My heart goes out to jalajscion today. You are in my thoughts and prayers Dragon. You are the only person I know who lost so much to 9/11.

I know your sister and your brother are angels now. They watch over you, and they are proud. I know this because I am proud. In the short time I have known you, I have seen you grow in leaps and bounds. Your courage and curiosity for life are a blessing to us all.

Blessed Be.

And so it is.

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My personal rant...

If you had 4 children, and 3 of them were killed while crossing the street and the last of them was killed at work...would you hold a special memorial day just for the 1 killed at work and not mark any special day for the other 3? Because this is how this whole 9/11 grieving thing makes me feel.

We've got this day, this anniversary set aside to mourn and remember. Our president now dumps billions of dollars to fight terrorism. Not to mention the man hours and lives we're putting on the line to fight it as well. All as a result of the deaths of 2,792 people.

I don't mean to disrespect or take anything away from the friends, families and loved ones of those 2,792 people. But what about the over 17,000 people that were killed last year. They were killed crossing the street, they were killed going to school, they were killed driving home or to work, they were killed on the way to see their boyfriend, killed on the way home from seeing their girlfriend, all innocent and going about their lives the just as the victims of 9/11 were. Only these were not just men and women, they were also children and babies. But because they were not all killed on the same day, because these 17,000 people were killed last year by drunk drivers...there is no special day to honor them. There is NO huge government fund being spent to assure these deaths don't occur each year. In fact, the "terrorists" that commit these crimes are given slaps on the wrists and a new driver license in 90 days. At least until they finally kill some one. Once they kill, then we pay attention. But that doesn't seem to phase this country. I don't see a day of mourning or a national campaign on behalf of these 17,000 deaths per year.

And why do we have no day of mourning for the 230,000 people we killed on August 6th? Us. We. As in the U. S. of A. We act like killing nearly 3,000 people is the atrocity and horror of a lifetime. Yet we killed 230,000 men, women and children in Hiroshima. WHY is there no day of mourning in this country for them?

I'm sorry for the 9/11 deaths. None of them deserved it. But what does it say about us as people that we have this national day of mourning for them, while the deaths of more than 10 times as many goes disregarded as nothing more than a notation in our history books. We have infinitely unlimited time and funds to devote to controlling terrorism that killed 2,792 people, but we turn a blind eye to the people in our own country who kill 17,000 people per year.

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Green Tea & Jasmine

My secret weapon...on sale today! Well, not really a weapon. But I've been told by a few guys who snuggled close enough that they like my perfume. Which makes no sense at all since I don't wear any. I have to assume it is my hair they smell, which holds the fragrance of green tea & jasmine conditioner.

So I went to stock up today since it was on sale. But they only had two bottles left. So I opted to try a new fragrance as well. Will men still like me when I smell like cucumber and melon?
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The beach burn was nice. I got the strangest social fright when it started. I started to feel like an outsider, and almost left. But it was probably because I was on unfamiliar ground. The clubs feel like my territory, and I have all the confidence in the world there. Here I was on new territory, with tons of people I didn't know.

There was lots of running around and horse play (thank you Izzy for all that man wrestling you did - a pleasure to watch!!!). Cute goth boy snuggles and hugs abound. Girl chat. Fire spinning (and once again, thank you Izzy for that too!).

I'd write more, but I'm tired. Some friends only type details coming soon probably. My favorite line from the night:

templar46_2: So how are you?
cagekitten: I'm happy. VERY happy. *huge grin*
templar46_2: Why is that?
cagekitten: Because I'm surrounded by cute goth boys.
templar46_2: Really? Where?
cagekitten: *looks about innocently, rolls eyes* Ohhh....I dunno.
templar46_2: And there's goths here!?!?

Okay, so maybe it's only funny to me. Guess you had to be there. :)
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