August 9th, 2003

socks and cat

Fetish and cages and snuggles OH MY!

Hot damn! Lance is in town and he'll be at Noc Noc tonight! Lance gives me snuggles and sweet kisses when he visits. I think I'm starting to purr already.

And bdsm_teddy has the cage reserved for me. Or possibly a spot on stage. Ooooohhhhhh yeeeeaaaahhh!!!

Back is acting up though for some reason. Arrggh. I'll take a hot shower now and then ice it on and off for an hour or so.

The shopping binge continues. I hit a goth garage sale today. Oh my god I will never miss another goth garage sale as long as I live!!! Wow! I was there and saw the most amazing, beautiful, long velvet hooded cloak. It was in fabulous condition and I know they cost around $100 new. So I figured she'd be asking $40 or at least $30 for the thing. But no, only $10. I grabbed it up and now I'm the proud owner of this gorgeous thing. Not sure where to wear it though. I'm afraid to take it to a club, it will end up smelling all smokey.

While running errands today I also nabbed a hot pair of jeans for only $22. They are pretty tight though. So basically I can never gain even an ounce or I will never be able to wear these jeans or my new PVC pants ever again. And Ross had a fishnet shirt (that actually fit me!) for only $7. Now I can be miss stereotypical goth girl in my PVC pants and fishnet shirt.

Yippeeeee! Shopping high. New clothes. Cage dancing tonight! Snuggles tonight! Oh gawd I am a happy HAPPY HAPPY girl!!!!!!

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socks and cat

You know you're goth when...

Argggggh! I went to grab my slave collar (sturdy leather, locks in the back, has a metal ring and is lined with fake leopard fur) to wear to Noc Noc tonight and I suddenly realized it's packed in my costume box WAY the hell away behind tons of other boxes.

Dammit girl! You're Goth now. A slave collar is no longer a's an accessory!