August 8th, 2003

socks and cat

Goth clothes ROCK!

I'm on the biggest freakin' high EVER!!!!! Meow-rhaaaaaawwwrrrrrrrr!!!!!

For the record, Metro is evil. No wait...Metro is cool. Metro's SALES are evil! EVIL I tell you!!!!

Just last year, the day after Thanksgiving, I was on my way to their 50% off sale when that terrible accident happened. And today, well today their 40% off sale somehow wormed it's way into my wallet and robbed my credit card of mass amounts of money! EVIL EVIL!!!!!

Let me tell you, shopping highs are so powerful for me that they can actually overcome my hypoglycemia. I haven't eaten in at least 6 hours and I don't care!!! Yeah my tummy rumbles. But I feel so hot in this floor length, long sleeved fishnet dress over a black thong and bikini top. Yeah baby! Yeah!

My old PVC pants that are coming apart at the seams, not a problem anymore. They have been replaced!!! I had to try on about 20 to 25 pairs of PVC pants there to find one that fit. And I was SO thrilled to find 2 that fit that I bought them both! I'm all ready for pole dancing now (PVC is necessary because it sticks to the pole and prevents you from slipping).

Think I'll wear my floor length net dress to Noc Noc tomorrow night.

Yum. Happy. WAY FUCKING HAPPY!!!!! Post shopping highs rock like no other.

Now when I get down off this high (maybe by next Tuesday) I need to go find a job so I can pay for these hot new clothes. But as a go-go cage dancer I can justify this by calling it a "business investment." Yeah, that's it! Oh...and...ummm...did I mention how freakin' HOT I'm gonna feel in this outfit Saturday night!?

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