July 31st, 2003

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No rest for the wicked Kitten

Superfast update before I run off to the doctor here. I did actually get to relax quite a bit last night. It turned out stillraven's phone went all wonky yesterday, so I couldn't get a hold of her. But God bless her! She's coming all the way out here this afternoon just to drop off the jazz shoes so I can have them for rehearsal tonight and the SHOW tomorrow. Thank you!!!!

Doctor said yesterday that the lower back muscles are indeed inflamed. I have a metaphysical theory about this, which I will share when I don't actually have to be somewhere in 20 minutes. jalajscion said yesterday I need to listen to my body and just rest and not dance. I told him I'm listening to my soul and my spirit instead, which calls me to do this. He said that if I'm not going to listen to my body, that I shouldn't complain about the pain. A warning from me ensued not to read my LJ then if he doesn't want to see that. But truly, I don't feel like I'm complaining. I still love my life. I just plan to share these downs as well as the ups.

Rehearsal tonight.

Saturday night -- work at UTOPIA as a dancer.

Monday night -- to a chiropractor in Bellevue for a second opinion. He'll get me at my worst (after mucho dancing) which is good. I want to be diagnosed at my worst, not after 3 days of rest!!!
Then try and make monsignor's birthday party at the Mercury the same night.

Tuesday night -- massage after work at chiropractor's office.

And somewhere this weekend I will clean the hell out of this place and create time to show the apartment to prospective new roommates.

I plan to be back at work by noon today. Will do much filing. Off to take on the day now!
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When I put the request out to the universe for a day off to decompress...apparently I wasn't specific enough. I meant WITH pay! I meant with the ability to actually do all the crap around the house that needs to be done before I can show the apartment!

*defeated sigh*

Instead, it is bed rest for Kitten today, along with icing my back every hour. No activity such moving around, bending, stooping, etc. Mostly I'm just sleeping. No pay for today either.

So rather than fret about the loss of pay, I will count my blessings. Like even though the woman who ran the red light and hit me did not have insurance, at least I had the good sense to have some! So every penny of these weekly doctors visits and bi-monthly massages are paid for in full! And it could have been worse. At least the woman was North bound when she hit me. If she had been South bounds, she could have hit ME in the car instead of the passenger side front tire. And this much chiropractic care has put my spine in the best shape EVER! My muscles just need to catch up.

*more sighing*

And thank you friends for taking such good care of me! Found out from stillraven this morning that she is gifting me with brand new jazz shoes for my performance tomorrow! Yaaaaaay!!!!

And I hope in my last post today that I didn't look like I don't appreciate jalajscion's advice. If some one cares about me enough to offer me advice - I always appreciate it. If I choose not to follow it, that doesn't mean I appreciate it any less. And Dragon, thank you for the cool photo you took of me pole dancing at the Vogue!!

Back to bed now. At least I can make phone calls.

I have to start getting ready for rehearsal at 5pm. Any fella out there wanna come over before then and rub Tiger Balm on my back?

*bats eyelashes demurely*
socks and cat

I need a man...right now! Or a dust buster.

There is a spider the size of Mt. Rushmore crawling around my bedroom floor this very moment. Actually it's less than a foot from my bed. And in this heat, sleeping with clothes on is not really an option.

If you do not see a post from me tomorrow (Friday) it means the freakin' thing had me for a midnight snack.

Uggghhhh! My skin is crawling just at the thought of going to bed now!!!

ADDENDUM 10 minutes later:

My apologies to shivacat but I used your new vacuum cleaner as an instrument of death! I had to do it. It was either him or me.

I'm still gonna feel my skin crawling when I go to sleep. I mean maybe there's more than one of them!!!!
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