July 29th, 2003

socks and cat

Advice to single guys...

So I'm going through my friends page last night and I see some one has posted a poem in their journal. Cool, I love it when people post their art!

So I'm reading it...and reading it...and reading it...and OH MY GOD it's about ME! Whoah! Wow! *swoon!*

There was a confirmation at the bottom of the post that it was indeed about me (which is good, because who knows it could be about some other pole dancing Kitten - one should never be too presumptuous).

Guys, if you're single or just looking to sweep a girl off her feet, do poetry. Don't know how? Try it anyway. Does it suck? Then take a poetry class. But poems knock our socks off. They are more meaningful than flowers and unlike said flowers, the poem doesn't die after a week. It lasts a lifetime, on paper and in our hearts.

If I get his permission, maybe I'll post it (anonymously of course).
socks and cat

The best laid plans of Kittens and Men...

Mucho updates today! Just got an e-mail from Sheila Kelley's people in Los Angeles. Registration for her September/October pole dancing classes start now! I don't know what all the press was about her classes having a waiting list of like 100 people is about, because ALL her day and evening classes are open now for registration. No waiting.

I don't want to drop the $200 deposit for it yet due to my job and living situation being totally up in the air. And I suspect the classes will fill up as I get my life in order (her classes are always full to capacity). Maybe it's after they are full that the waiting list goes up to 100 people.

I'll hope there is a class in November and December. That would be a better time for me to be in L.A. for two months. It will give me time first to catch up with all my friends here in Seattle before I disappear for two months. It will give me time to find roommates and get to know them before I disappear. Plus I'll miss two months of Seattle cold (instead of part of the nice Seattle summer). And I'll be in California for Christmas, which is where I go every year anyway!

CBS News coverage of Sheila Kelley's pole dancing and stripping class

But I still don't know yet how to make this happen, whether it's now or for the next set of classes. So I am putting this affirmation out to the Universe and to the Gods:


If I am truly meant to teach pole dancing here in Seattle...if helping women get in touch with their sensuality and sexuality through artistic expression is truly my calling...then the way to do this will be cleared with EASE & GRACE! Emphasis on the EASE & GRACE. Because if losing my apartment is part of the Divine plan for me to get down to LA for this class, I know it will be a beneficial, enlightening, easy process.


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Kitten dancing in a cage2

Oh hey, great idea putting a dog in my dance routine!

I just saw the video of my rehearsal tonight. Notes to self (and question for you at the bottom):

1. Do something with the face. Too much concentration and fear on your face right now. You're an actress Kitten...act! Act! Act like you OWN that stage and you know what the hell you're doing.

2. SLOW DOWN! You keep getting ahead of the music. Let the music catch up to YOU.

3. Slow down the backwards run after the leap & crouch. SLOW DOWN. And stay crouched down as low as you can when you run backwards.

4. During the kneeling back arch -- slow down, bend over backwards and let your head touch the floor. You could touch your head to the floor before the accident and it will be a tremendous victory to do it again after the accident!

5. On the last slide to the ground, lead with your RIGHT foot. 1st slide to floor work in the middle of the routine is with the left. Just remember, left...right...left...right...LEFT...RIGHT.

6. Find a new hair style for the performance. It flops around too much right now.

And GOOD job with the dog. Yes a dog! A DOG WONDERED ONTO STAGE during my rehearsal. I don't know who the hell brought their dog to rehearsal. But I just smiled at it and kept dancing.

And delemma: It doesn't look so great to do the routine in socks. But I can't afford black jazz shoes. Any suggestions? Only 2 days until the show and no time to shop.
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