July 17th, 2003

socks and cat

Give me strength!

Something is wrong. Tonight is my LAST night to choreograph before the first official rehearsal this weekend. And something is wrong with me. I first noticed a lack of interest in food a few days ago...getting worse day by day. But this is typical with me. I've never liked food very much. I've noticed I'm extra tired. But this is not surprising. I should be increasing my sleep to compensate for the pounding I'm putting my muscles through every night doing dance practice. But now I'm feeling too weak to work on choreography!!!

Not good. Cannot be sick. Can't. Can't. I work Saturday night at the Catwalk. Then rehearse the following afternoon. Already a schedule combination that is extremely hard on my body.

I'm feeling weak right now.

A cute boy was scheduled to come over tomorrow night. He has a family emergency and won't be able to make it though. Which is probably just as well, because I'm feeling much too weak to clean my room anyway. But I'm still disappointed.

I can't dance tomorrow (Friday) night. Maybe I'll go see a movie. Anyone want to see the Pirate movie with me or maybe Charlie's Angels or Terminator? Or if I feel stronger, I will most likely troll the Mercury for all my cute friends to hug and snuggle. I need some snuggles. Some Defense Forumula herbs, extra Vitamin C, some sleep, and some snuggle time will make Kitten all better. Some one please hug the Kitten at the Merc...and make sure she doesn't dance.
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