July 14th, 2003

socks and cat

LiveJournal rocks in a BIG way!

For anyone who doesn't know it yet rayce got the job I referred her to (the one I turned down at the candle company)!!! This great success story is due to many factors, the obvious one being myself and Rayce's initiative and persistence.

The not so obvious credit needs to go to LiveJournal and my self-esteem. Yes, that's right, my esteem is good for more than just strutting around like a peacock to show my feathers. It helps make some great connections too. The story goes like this.

I was on my way to the Vogue one night. I had parked two blocks away and was walking down the street when I spotted this couple walking in the same direction. They were wearing black and half a block from the club, so naturally I assumed they were going to the Vogue as well.

Now years ago I wouldn't dare approach strangers on the street and talk to them, let alone ask if I can join them. But I was all happy and giddy about going to my favorite place and feeling pretty good. Plus my self-image is finally passing that point where I think I'm not good enough to talk to absolutely anyone. So I picked up my pace to intercept them. And walking alongside them I asked, "are you going to the Vogue."

Well these folks turned out to be friends rayce and taz98027. They were in fact going to the Vogue so we introduced ourselves and chatted on the short walk to the club door. At the end of the night as the club closed and we poured out into the street, we chatted once again. None of us had pens or paper, but LiveJournal names were easy to remember. So we exchanged those.

If I had not been confident in myself enough to just start talking to these two strangers, I never would have met Rayce. And if I had not been reading Rayce's LiveJournal regularly, I would not have known she needed the job. I mean I know other people who need a job. But it was her journal that convinced me she should be the one person I refer it to. So three cheers for LiveJournal (and those that aren't afraid to share their personal stuff in it)! It does more than just introduce us to new friends. It can totally change the course of our life!
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socks and cat

I'm gonna do this show even if it kills me!

As of tonight, I have 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the song choreographed. This conversation went on tonight between the sensible part of my brain, my ego, and my body:

Brain: Only a few days left until the official rehearsal. You can't get this dance routine done in time. You need to drop out of the show NOW!

Body: Oh god yes PLEASE drop out! I can't dance and rehearse like this every single night. I'm exhausted and I hurt!

Brain: Yeah, and do you know how many parties and invitations you're turning down to make these rehearsals. Summer is half over and you're missing all the summer fun!

Ego: Hell no. Have you SEEN this dance!? It kicks ass!!!! This is your personal BEST!!

Body: Excuse me, your right glute muscle is requesting the microphone. Go ahead glute.

Right Glute: Owwwwwwwwww! I huuuuuurrrtttttt! Arrrggghhhhh!!!

Body: You hear that, you're killing me muscle by muscle.

Brain: And you still have to work as a dancer this Saturday night. If you keep rehearsing and choreographing every night you won't be able to earn your paycheck in the cage on Saturday!

Right Glute: And did I mention....OOOOOOWWWWWWWW!

Ego: You're going to blow away the audience at the gala. You HAVE to do this! You're going to blow away EVERY other act at that show! Just like last year, people will be talking about your performance for months afterward!!

Right Glute: Fuck you ego! I fucking hurt like hell! You try doing a dance routine with squats and lunges over and over and over for hours and hours. Ooooowwwwwwww!

Ego: You rock!!!! Your dance kicks ass!!!!!


Body: *thud* I hurt. I refuse to move.

Right Glute: Oh thank God!!!!!!! Ow.

Ego: Damnit! Bunch of #*&^%$#@!!! wusses!!!!!