June 26th, 2003

socks and cat


Oh my freakin' god - all is right with the world! Why? Because tonight I am an actress...in the truest sense...in front of a live audience. And Wednesday I have a dance audition and will be a performing a dance in a show on August 1st. Both of these crafts love me. And sometimes I can sit back and smile and watch them fight over me. It's a cool thing to watch two lovers fight for your love and devotion. One will have me completely tonight.

The show is tonight! Please come and support me if you can. It means a lot to me. If you can't come see me in this show, there's always my dance performance on August 1st. But that one in August will cost $10. THIS SHOW IS FREE!!! And hang out afterwards. Once I get out of costume and into some comfy jeans, we can all have drinks or coffee afterward.

What does it mean, when the morning of the performance, you dream you're making porn? Not the home made kind, but you're in front of the camera making the full out professional kind? My male partner in the porn was...ummmm...unnatractive. I wonder if this is some reflection of the scene tonight where I'm supposed to be desperately in love and the actor opposite me in the love scene is some one to which I'm not romantically attracted. Or perhaps a note that if my acting career goes down the tubes...I can always support myself making porn. ;)

I need to be relaxed for tonight and my back is tight as hell. I don't normally beg for massages. But some one give me a back rub today....pleeeeeaaase!
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