June 7th, 2003

socks and cat

Pour water on the Kitten!!!

You know if I wanted weather like this I’d still be living in Los Angeles where our summers often hit 106 degrees! Ugh!

My costume for tonight pretty much only works with high heeled boots. Out of desperation I hit Broadway in Cap Hill in hopes of finding some combat style flat lace up boots to wear instead. I took the top down on my convertible, first time this year! Yeah! Unfortunately leaving the top down while parked means removing absolutely everything from the vehicle (because my convertible truck doesn’t have a trunk). I mean I never keep anything valuable in the car anyway. But I have an emergency “box” in the back with water, oil, anti-freeze, flares, jumper cables, etc. Stuff I can’t afford to replace right now. So I had to bring all of that into the apartment before leaving.

I hit my two intended stores, Value Village and Crossroads Trading Post (a used re-sale store with tons of trendy stuff). No boots that would work for me in either of those places. I swung by Trendy Wendy’s where they had these gorgeous wrist cuffs that would look fabulous with just about every outfit I wear dancing. But they were $25 each. No way can I spend $50 on a pair of wrist cuffs!

The plan was to hop back in my little convertible and head up to one more store on the Ave in the U-District. But the heat got to me and I couldn’t take it anymore. Even the drive home was too hot for me so I ended up running the air conditioner in my truck even with the convertible top down! Now you know you’re hot when you do THAT!

The cool thing about the heat is that everyone is rather scantily clad on the streets. Men, who clearly work out 5 times a week, were walking around without shirts. And girls were in tight little shorts and low cut tops. It was eye candy galore on Broadway today!!! Yummy!

Now I’m at home sweltering. No air conditioning here. I’m concerned that this is taking so much out of me that I won’t have any energy to dance tonight. I took a cool shower, which took care of the problem for all of about 5 minutes. It’s so hot in here that my hair, which normally takes an hour to dry, is almost done drying in less than 10 minutes. Now I’m sitting in my room with the shades drawn and the lights out in nothing but boxer shorts and a soaking wet washcloth wrapped around my neck. God help me I’m melting!
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