June 6th, 2003

socks and cat

Little do they know...

Ha! They have NO idea who I am around this office. To them I'm mild mannered, sweet, soft-spoken, conservatively dressed and demure office & reception girl. Little do they know that in about 24 hours I'll be slipping into fishnets, hot pants, thigh high boots and a hot tiny top and shaking my ass up on stage and writhing around in a cage for the entertainment of happy, horny, drunk, partying Utopians!!!!

And I'm super pumped and extra excited because I'll actually get to dance for men for a change! Not that I don't like dancing for lesbian events. It's really fun, and I like girls. But every once in a while I wish there was some little cutie (of the male variety) that I could focus on. Nothing on earth makes me feel as sexy as dancing in a cage. And watching the men as they watch me...jaws dropped and eyes riveted to me as I taunt them with seductive moves...just really feeds my fire and makes me smolder in that cage. It's like a feeding frenzy!

Hot damn I can't wait for Utopia!


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