April 20th, 2003

socks and cat

I love being a dancer!

Ugh...must...pass...out! Just got home from my "job" dancing at the Catwalk. Had SUCH a great time! The music sucked toward the end of the night. And when you're paid to dance, you can't exactly sit out the sucky songs. No matter because I LOVE my job!!!!

I got so many compliments I have to struggle to remember them all. My PVC chaps were popular. One girl in the restroom called them "slammin". I proudly told everyone who complimented them that my roommates gave them to me for my birthday. One girl asked if I work out, referring to my ab muscles that are starting to develop again. Another girl really like my stomach and kept reaching through the cage bars to touch it. She and her two friends were kind of my groupies all night, dancing near the stage when I was on stage and migrating over to the cage when I was in the cage. I enjoyed putting on a show for them. One woman said to me, "thank you for dancing." She went on to tell me how much she enjoyed watching me.

Mostly I'm just amazed by the transformation that happens when I do something that makes me this happy. I mean what I was doing should be kind of impossible for me. Hours and hours of dancing? And not just regular dancing, but hip rolling, but shaking, stomach ungulating kind of dancing! But even when I got tired I just wanted to keep going and going and going. The club was PACKED! I had a huge audience and I was in love with them! I could have danced for hours more I'm sure. Because I was so in love with what I was doing. Being on stage is pure bliss.

I chatted with Michelle (the manager) and asked her what she does when she's not running the event (because it's only once a month). She said she has an internet business. I also met a new girl, her name is Taylor. It was weird showing her the ropes like I was an old hat at it or something. But I showed her where to change and let her know when to take a break, etc. I guess I had better just get used to the fact that I'm there to stay and every one else who comes along is the "new girl." :)

As I write this I'm stuffing myself full of junk food. I was craving protein when I left (of course, my poor muscles!). No 24 hour burger places within reasonable driving radius. So I stopped at Safeway and purchased a Hickory Farm beef stick and some processed cheese slices. Damn they're good right now, just what I needed!

At safeway the guys in line ahead of me were checking me out, I was still wearing my cowboy hat. One of them told me how cute it looked on me. I proudly told him it was part of my costume because I just got off work. Yeah...work! I get money for doing this. How cool is that? I love being a dancer!