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Please cast your vote/suggestions for a stage name

Apparently I am supposed to have a stage name for the burlesque contest </font> tomorrow night. Some one suggested I just stick with "Cage Kitten" but there are no cages in burlesque. I'm partial to "Miss Kitten". I could also use my real name since it is very rare and unusual and no one else will have it. But I'm open to suggestions too if you can think of a name that would represent me or sum up what I do in a clever and fun way. Apparently campy names are popular. Some of the names from the burlesque group include Bella Baretta and Strict Nein.

What should my "stage name" be for the burlesque show Friday night?

Cage Kitten
Miss Kitten
my real name (select this one only if you already know it)
Other - see posted comment

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