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At the Steampunk Ball this weekend I was just thinking that I've worn my steampunk belly dance costumes a few too many times and it's time for an all new costume. Then this went up for sale on eBay:

Scythe, hat, armwear and eyepatch are not included.

I will personally send a steampunk ninja assassin after anyone who tries to outbid me!!


That looks like one of Cato's designs. She's a fantastic designer who used to be based out of LA but recently relocated to Portland.

Here are some links if you want to see more of her stuff. You would look amazingly fabulous in her stuff.


PS - I just remembered she's not taking new commissions right now because she's working on a new spring line.
I'm super disappointed she's not taking new clients right now. I would totally pay he to make me that skirt.
On the plus side, the fact she's coming out with a line probably means you won't have to pay her for custom clothing and head down to Portland for fittings. She's Welsh and so a tad difficult to understand, and intimidatingly good looking.
If I didn't know better, I would dare say that photo was from DragonCon. It looks like the Marriott floors.

Totally unrelated, but just something I thought of when I saw it.

I'm not much of a steampunker, so you can expect no competition from me :D