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S Factor pole dancer Sheila Kelley

FREE 6-week intro pole dance class

For those that have wanted to take the 6-week intro to pole dance class but maybe didn't have it in their budget - here is a chance to take it for free. Starting in January I will be training 2 new instructors every Monday at 8pm. The lesson plan and what you will learn will be exactly like our regular 6-week intro class. But because this is for training purposes I will be stopping the instructors as necessary to give corrections and tips. So there will be a bit of start and stop going on as well as a bit of advising by me every now and then. If you are down with that in exchange for a totally free class (normally $195 plus tax) please contact me or comment.


Hey, K, I would love to help out! I am really excited about it.
Are you free Mondays at 8pm for 6 weeks? Would love to have you!
As usual, Ill do it for you and your business, but ONLY if you cannot fill it :)
Im sure there are hundreds of ladies lining up to do it. Let them do it first!

Just know Im always in your corner should you need me!
This isn't open to the public, only to my friends. Fortunately I don't have hundreds of lady friends. :) So I'm sure there will be plenty of room and we would love to have you.
Sarah says "Sign me up!"
Great! That makes 3. One of the instructors is bringing two of her own. So with Sarah and Erin and J that makes a full class.
sounds good to me.
Thank you so much!!
Which is the starting Monday? The 3rd?
Yes. I'll try and e-mail you all some info before then.
considered this, as Mon is a free night for me, but I'll be out of town for a week in Jan. Perhaps next time. PS, feel free to poke Mr. BDaypants if you want your pole back!
No fair, you already know how to pole dance. ;)

Getting ready to leave town but I definitely will need that pole next year.
I know 2 tricks I haven't done in a while, and found them much more challenging on the smooth pole vs the old Vogue pole I learned on. I just like haning upside down.
Alas, no hanging upside down in level 1. But lots of spinning!