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socks and cat

naked woman = jackpot

Watched "Eat Pray Love" this weekend and I love something the Julia Roberts character said to her friend. The friend was eating so much good food in Italy that she complained she was getting a "muffin top" and needed to eat less.

So Julia asks her, "When you undress for a gentleman, has he ever left after seeing you?"

The friend replies, "No."

And Julia says, "Of course not. He's in the same room as a naked woman. He's won the jackpot!"

Sounds true enough to me. As woman we're all so busy comparing ourselves to other women (real or airbrushed super model) that we forget that men aren't doing the same. When we take off our clothes they aren't thinking, "Wow, she doesn't look like the models in Playboy." Nope, they thinking that you're naked and they won the jackpot.


Amen! ;)
That is VERY true...
Hahahahaha!!! OMG that is soo funny! And, true...
Yes! That's so true!
I love that movie! It was so inspiring.

My thoughts on clothing

I've had a few of my partners over the years ask if there was anything special they could wear for me, some lingerie perhaps.

My answer has always been the same. . .

If I care for you, as I have all my partners, and we are going to be together it doesn't matter what you wear.

I will stand there with a women who has some part of my heart, someone who I find beautiful for who they are. Someone who excites me for that connection.

Anything such a person wears is perfect. It's all dressing, and no dressing makes someone more beautiful because it doesn't change the things I care for. It's that person, that mind, which is what I care for and about.
*nodnodnod* It took me years to get to that point, in part because my first lover told me I could "stand to lose about five pounds." (And I was stupid enough to marry him!)

I wish I could go back in time and tell that insecure young woman that 20 years in the future, she'll have two men who adore her, mind AND body. And an ex who will regret what he lost until the day he dies.

And I never DID lose those five pounds. ;)
That's very true, but not very relevant...when the clothes start coming off, you're (hopefully) past the point where either of you is still in the decision-making process regarding whether you'd like some naked time with the other person. Miss muffin-top gets compared to the other ladies *before* going to the bedroom. C'est la vie. If she's an awesome person, it likely won't matter.