Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


It has taken a lot of experience for me to stop being in denial and stop holding on to my romantic ideals. I can't speak for women, I don't know if this is true for them or not. But I finally understand that all men are capable of cheating. It doesn't matter how in love with you they are, how dependent they are on you for their stability and well being, or how sensitive they are or how well respected they are in the community. It doesn't matter if he's polyamorous and could sleep with that other woman just by following the guidelines of his primary relationship. It doesn't matter if never in a million years would he condone cheating and he is vocal about how bad cheaters are. No one is perfect and every man has a trigger, no matter how deep. Every man has the potential to cheat if the right trigger is pulled.

I have seen a man so sensitive he would cry if he thought he hurt someone or their feelings. But he could still stare a woman in her eyes and tell how much he loves her while sleeping with another woman. I have seen men devoted and proud and good hearted still cheat. I have seen a man who is spiritual and kind cheat.

Maybe they would only do it once. Or maybe they would only do it with one woman they have loved or wanted forever but could never have until he was finally with someone else. Or maybe under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Or maybe none of these situations are needed. But every man has a trigger. And just about every woman who is cheated on is shocked and angry because she didn't expect it. And she didn't expect it because she thought she found the ONE man who would never cheat.

I get it now.

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