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socks and cat

Facebook a key factor in many divorces

Facebook causes one in five divorces in U.S.

This is not the only source I have heard these statistics from. One marriage counselor being interviewed on the radio said Facebook was a factor in more than 50% of the cases that came to him. Apparently when people are unhappy with part of their marriage they often track down old flames on Facebook and start something with them (varying from flirting online to actually meeting up with them to cheat on their spouse).


"Causes" and "makes it easier" are two very, very different things...
Facebook doesn't cause a divorce.. Misuse could be a factor in making a couple without great communication worse.. But it doesn't cause the result.. Terrible communication in a lagging relationship would be my first suspect.
Well I am going through it right now and I can say that if it wasn't Facebook, it would have been something else. Facebook doesn't end a marriage. Marriages die a slow death of a thousand cuts. The things that kill it are so small and gradual that people do not tend to notice it until one day they wake up and it is over.

Still, she did ban me on facebook. :)