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rhinestone lips


Since I was a teen I have always dreamed of owning a pair of diamond earrings. But they are always set in gold or silver and my ears can't have either. Gold and silver earrings make my ears itch like crazy! I do have that one pair from "Diamond Boy" (that's how he got his name) but they aren't actually diamond stud earrings. Just beautifully arranged sparkly diamond chips in a pretty white gold setting. And I can only wear those for a day and if I forget to take them out over night it bothers my ears.

Well I heard an ad on the radio yesterday from Marci Jewelry in Bellevue saying they make their own earrings. So I e-mailed them and asked if they can make a pair of diamond earrings with stainless steel studs. They said yes!

Not going to run out and buy them this year. Don't even know if I'll do it next year. But at least now I know it's a possibility and like my cruise to Alaska a couple years ago there is another dream just within my grasp.


It would be more expensive, but have you tried platinum?
The e-mail from the jeweler also suggested platinum. Why is that?
Its commonly used for Jewlery because its a bit more exotic and has a nice shine to it that goes well with diamonds and gold. It also doesn't tarnish as easily as steel and most people do not have skin reactions to it.
1) it's more expensive, so they make more money off you. way more money.

2) it's luxurious so most people getting diamonds would opt to have them set in platinum.

3) it's very durable.

however, you could probably have them set in titanium, which more expensive than surgical/stainless steel, but exceedingly durable and VERY light weight. it's like platinum where it's more hypoalerginic than gold or silver, because it's easier to use pure rather than in the alloys they make for jewelry (which that is why you can't wear the gold and silver, it's the other metals they mix them with so they're durable).
Why not just surgical steel?
Mainly because surgical steel just doesn't last that long (in my personal experience anyway).