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lesbian wedding

Article about how marriage is becoming obsolete

Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete

I think if marriage was a commitment that people sacrified for then it would be worth something. But in my opinion Americans see marriage as a source of pleasure and gratification rather than hard work and commitment. So it's lost all value.


You're hanging with the wrong group of people then...

There are still a LOT of people who value and respect their marriage, and dont take it lightly.

These results came from one study and a survey. Not exactly the best representation of the country and it's views.

Finally, how does the value of something *you* would enter into lose
value so long as *you* and your partner cherish it? In other words -- your marriage has whatever value you give it, regardless of the opinions of others.

So I dont agree with your last statement there.
I would have been so much better off if I never got married. I would say that it is less than obsolete. But that is just me. I suppose it does provide some legal protections or in my case some legal issues. :)