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pole kitten inverted trick

Once you've had acrobat you'll never go back

Teatro Zinzanni was lots of fun. And I forgot how acrobats have the hottest bodies on earth. It makes me sad that guys in the communities I hang out in don't work out. I'm used to being surrounded by pot bellies and scrawny arms. So spending last evening being surrounded by men with sculpted abs and toned arms made me absolutely delirious.


Sculpted abs and toned arms like that take a lot of work, though. Most folks who don't do very physical stuff for a living just won't spend the time it takes.

Myself, for example. I work a very physical job. On top of that, 4-5 days a week after I get off work, I go home, doing a buttload of pushups and then 45m worth of cardio. By the time I'm all done everything, I've spent close to 2 hours of my day on additional exercise...and I still have a bit of a pot belly (though I do say, I quite like my arms). I've been told that my only real option to "get rid of the belly" is to spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym for 5-6 days a week. No, thanks. I have a life to live.

You do very physically demanding work, so you are well toned...but for someone who's a desk jockey, a LOT of effort is required on top of their work day and anything else they have going on (family time? Kids?) so...it tends to get away from folks.
Yeah, I see your point. I'm spoiled because I dated a guy who not only worked out 4 to 5 days a week but also worked as a contractor. So between the two he had a body like a goth Greek god. He spoiled me for all other men. Now every time a guy takes his shirt off I feel a little bit of heart break because I miss the sculpted, toned body.
dating ben has given me an appreciation for a toned body. And yah it takes time, but also I think there are stereotypes of smart = mind is all that matters and taking care of your body = stupid and vain. I've come to think that the truely smart person knows that the mind matters, but that the body is connected and keeping it fit also matters. It's easier just to sit in front of the computer :-)
Oddly enough the toned goth greek god I dated WAS vain. But I didn't care, it was forgotten the minute he took his shirt off.
I'm working on it!

OMG it's hard to get sculpted abs though. Been trying for a couple years now and haven't been able to get the diet right. And especially now that I'm trying to put weight back on it's really hard to do it without increasing body fat percentage.
Just the effort alone is greatly appreciated. I actually care less that the body is toned and more that the person cares enough to make the effort to either try and get toned or just stay fit.

Seeing/touching a toned body gives a woman a tremendous amount of pleasure. Just the act of trying to workout tells us that our pleasure is important to you, regardless of whether or not you achieve the look.