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socks and cat

Most expensive Teatro tickets EVER

I have tickets to Teatro Zinzanni tomorrow but the instructor teaching upper levels tomorrow night just called in sick. Since I can't cover her classes (I'll be at Teatro) I'll have to issue $250 worth of refunds to all the students for the canceled class. That $80 Teatro ticket just cost me an extra $250.


Only because you are choosing to go to Teatro. It could have only "cost you" $80 if you taught the class.
I'm not saying you should back out of your night off - I would actually be disappointed if you did - but the reality is that Teatro IS WORTH $250 to you right now. If it wasn't, you'd cover the classes.
Not true. I'm not about to leave my friend to go alone. That's not how I roll. Otherwise I would probably skip it and just deal with the resentment.