Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

new camera arrived sans extra battery

You folks that told me not to trust the New York camera company that sold me my camera were right. In spite of their high pressure upsell they only managed to upsell me an extra $16 for a special battery that could be charged independently of the camera (they claimed this would make the camera last longer). I only did it because they promised to upgrade me to 3 day shipping if I purchased the battery and I wanted it in time for Steamcon.

Well the camera arrived today without the special battery even though they charged me $16 for it. I put in a request for a refund but I don't expect them to be honest enough to give me one. I'll try to get my bank to reverse $16 of the charge but I don't know if they offer that kind of protection on a debit card. I might just have to eat the $16 loss and not order from any camera stores in New York in the future.

The sales person also tried to sell me a memory card by telling me Canon didn't include memory cards with their cameras. I didn't believe him. But when it arrived without a memory card a quick google search proved they were telling the truth. Super expensive camera with tons of features comes without a memory card. Go figure.

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