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I'll deny it if you quote me later

Dawn of the Dead came on tv last night while I was eating dinner and I did not turn the channel for two reason.

#1. It's about people trapped in a mall. Damn. That's like my dream come true.

#2. One of the stars is Jake Weber and he's also the star of my favorite tv show.

So I watched it from start to finish and I'm really embarassed to admit this. I liked it. I mean it wasn't just a stupid gory horror movie. It had character development. And thought provoking moral dilemmas. And it delved into one of my favorite topics, human psychology.

It also had an added surprise that made it scary as hell. The zombies were super fast. I thought zombies were supposed to be slow. I thought they were supposed to limp and drag their feet and lumber forward. But the Dawn of the Dead zombies were fast as hell and could chase a damn car down. Which made the movie pretty scary.

So there, I liked it. I'll deny it later if you bring it up.


Dawn of the Dead is a classic for just that reason, it did delve into psychology and human feelings.

The fast zombies are new to the remake but have been in a number of zombie movies particularly 28 days later and 28 weeks later. I recommend those too if you liked Dawn of the Dead.
Dawn of the Dead rules and I am with you on getting locked in a mall! The original was one of my fav films growing up along with Night of the Comet because both involved everyone being gone and living in a mall...lol...

Last I heard, you were looking for a sexy zombie

Not sure if this qualifies, but even if it's a horrible movie, I think you could have fun with this!


When you mentioned, it, she was the first thing I thought of. I just was slow to get it to you :D

Re: Last I heard, you were looking for a sexy zombie

She doesn't look dead or zombified. But I do have some sexy zombies since I own a copy of Zombie Strippers. I only bought it because one of my students said she learned some new pole tricks by watching the video.