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socks and cat

Holy high pressure sales

I just found out why this store in New York has a price lower than everyone else for the camera I want and how they can do it while offering free shipping. They call you the day after your order and try to upsell you like you wouldn't believe. I refused all the accessories even when they told me the battery life on that camera is only about 20 minutes if I don't upgrade to a better battery. Finally he dropped the price of the better battery to $20, offered to include a special charger that makes the battery last longer and offered to upgrade the shipping to one week (instead of the UPS Ground which can take 10 business days) if I would pay $20 more - if I would leave a positive review for them online FIRST before they shipped. I really do want the camera in time for Steamcon but I told them I can only leave a review for their price and customer service and not for the camera since I haven't received it yet.


Wait, which company is this? Do a BBB search on them ASAP.
Best Price Electronics.com. I'm pretty much relying on their Cnet reviews.
Can you link to the Cnet reviews? They could easily be faked, (happens on Amazon all the time) Just looking over there BBB history, the company has changed name and locations a bunch of times, and has a number of complaints.

I had a similar experience with a Seller in Brooklyn, and even spoke to someone over the phone who essentially demanded that I change the camera I was ordering.

My suggestion would be to cancel the order with them and watch your credit card like a hawk.
For some reason I can't find the reviews now. I'll give them the rest of the day to follow through on their promise. They said they would send me a link to leave them a review and then ship after I leave one. If I don't get that link by the end of the day I'll call tomorrow and cancel the order.
Sadly I second this, you will likely get a call soon. :(
I also reccomend B&H.

I've also had good experiences with Adorama. They often come up as the best price on Amazon.