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socks and cat

Ordered camera

Ordered new camera to replace my ridiculously outdated 5 megapixel 5 year old camera that is starting to come apart and even drop the memory card out. The new one has all kinds of features that normally only SLRs have so you can do all kinds of manual things with it. I just hope I didn't end up paying extra for those special SLR features only to end up using it as just a point and shoot camera. Hoping it arrives in time for Steamcon so I can use free time at the con to figure out how to use all the ISO settings and f stops or whatever the heck you call those manual features.

The company I ordered from charged $25 less than all other stores and offered a good 3 year protection plan for about what the tax would have cost me had I purchased the camera in Washington (I purchased it from New York). Unfortunately they are slow with the processing time and I would say there is a 50/50 chance of getting the camera shipped to me in time for Steamcon.


Good luck, some of the NY camera stores are scams.

Here are some good warning signs:


Not to worry. I found them through Cnet reviews. I called first and spoke to a real person about the camera. Their price is only $25 cheaper, not a huge amount (although I think they are shipping for free). And Cnet had reviews for their store, almost all good except for complaints about the slow processing and shipping. And with the extended warranty I can take the camera to any local Canon dealer if the camera doesn't work.