Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Where can I buy a phone number?

So I made my decision to go with Virgin Mobile and go buy my first smart phone but I'm running into one dilemma. I don't want to use my old cell number because it confuses people. The last 3 numbers of my cell are the same as the last 4 numbers of my home line. So people accidentally call the wrong one (and I rarely hear my cell ring when I'm home so I miss those calls). So I asked Virgin Mobile if I choose a new number through them can I get a list of numbers to choose from. They said no, not unless you pay $10 each time you turn down a number you don't want and change it.

I googled online to see if I can buy a phone number anywhere. The only thing I found were not real phone numbers you can forward to real phone numbers (and Google voice does that for free, that's not what I want).

So here's my question, is there somewhere I can choose from a list of phone numbers and buy the phone number of my choice? Then use it open a cell phone account?

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