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Where can I buy a phone number?

So I made my decision to go with Virgin Mobile and go buy my first smart phone but I'm running into one dilemma. I don't want to use my old cell number because it confuses people. The last 3 numbers of my cell are the same as the last 4 numbers of my home line. So people accidentally call the wrong one (and I rarely hear my cell ring when I'm home so I miss those calls). So I asked Virgin Mobile if I choose a new number through them can I get a list of numbers to choose from. They said no, not unless you pay $10 each time you turn down a number you don't want and change it.

I googled online to see if I can buy a phone number anywhere. The only thing I found were not real phone numbers you can forward to real phone numbers (and Google voice does that for free, that's not what I want).

So here's my question, is there somewhere I can choose from a list of phone numbers and buy the phone number of my choice? Then use it open a cell phone account?


Much appreciated!
You should take a quick look at Google Voice. They give you a number which you can give out, and then decide where you want the calls to go. It will even transcribe your voice mails as email.
I agree. There is really no reason NOT to do this in your case. Especially because then you can give out your actual cell number to those who you want to have it, and your google voice number to clients. That way, if you don't want to be taking business calls, you can auto-forward anything to that number, straight to voicemail.

Or if you are expecting a particularly important business call, you can route it to ring to your home phone if you don't pick up your cell, or vice versa.

I use my google voice number for resumes, because my current cell phone is provided by work, and I think it would be tacky to list it (not to mention it would change if I left). Also, that way no matter how many times I change my cell phone, I can always have one number on a resume or professional listing that is current.
There's not really any chance I would forward business calls to my cell. I use the home phone when in my home office and the cell when I'm out and about. If a business call came into my cell I would be unable to help the client at all because I would not have access to my calendar or my registration software. The call would go something like this, "I can check and see if that date is available for you when I get back to my office." Might as well just let the calls go to voicemail when I'm not in my office since I can't help them.

Already going to do this for business calls. But I need the cell number separate for personal calls.
I think that's supposed to be one of the features, where incoming calls are directed by whether they are on your personal list or not. It's been a while since I investigated it, so I may be misremembering.