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I'm looking at the events that are planned for Steamcon and I have to say that with the exception of the fashion show, all the entertainment planned looks boring. I'm not actually into wearing period costumes or listening to period music. Which is why I usually dress as a steampunk belly dancer rather than a Victorian lady and why I don't want to attend Steampunk balls that don't include some goth music to dance to.

I'm also nervous that my costumes just won't be good enough. When I attend costume events I'm used to being one of the people that has the most creative or sexy costumes and gets asked to pose for pictures a lot. But at steampunk events the unusual costumes that get the most admiration involve metal wings or light up borg looking mechanical limbs or body parts. I simply don't have the skill to make anything like that. So no matter how much time or work I put into a costume, it will simply blend in with all the other steampunk costumes. And given my passion for costuming, I feel like my passion and my efforts aren't enough because my skill level doesn't match them.

At this point I think I have at least 4 different steampunk outfits. So if I don't go to con where will I wear them all? Plus I need the vacation and all the rervations and events are paid for. I just wish I could stop worrying that I won't have a good time and relax a little. I'll probably order the new camera I want this week and if I get bored at con I can spend some time reading the directions and figuring out how to take pictures of everyone's great costumes.


Your outfits will be killer at the con.
no worries.
the events may be themed, but I highly doubt that *everyone* attending will be western themed.

besides, I plan to do vaguely-steampunked-geisha one of the days, as always... and Im one of the organizers :P

Just relax and have fun. thats's what its about after all.

Besides, if you are bored AT ANY TIME, drop in on Jordn's cabaret.Its all day fri, sat and sun. he just released the lineup of bands and performers:
looking forward to seeing you, lady!

Thank you!