Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Saturday Night

The Grimm Ball (aka Fetish Ball) at the CatWalk was a blast. Matt and autonomic_pilot accompanied me. I also ran into sweetestkiss and we drove the boys crazy dancing in the cage together. A couple of guys dressed as pirates stood right up against the cage to watch us and you could practically see the drool running down their chins. I think I spent a majority of the night in the cage because I just miss dancing in it so much. goddesslena was there and recognized my "figure" from my icons. *snicker* And once while I was dancing in the cage spikyme snapped a couple of shots of me. Whoa. I never thought Spikyme would be shooting me...really...ever. I didn't think I was fetish enough. I stand corrected.

Click below for a picture of myself and bdsm_teddy (who ran the event) in front of the gingerbread house. Just a warning, this pic is only "work safe" if things like a thong and bra are typical dress wear around the office. ;)

title Grimm Ball


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