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socks and cat

Graphic designers - can you duplicate this black and red box?

It will be at least 3 to 4 months before the website can be redone. In the meantime our class page is a hot mess! Girls can't find what they want on it. I could neatly organize all our different classes on the class page if I could have these neat little red boxes just like this pole website below:

You can see all the graphic (without being cut off) here: http://pics.livejournal.com/cagekitten/pic/001x66xw
The boxes match my website theme perfectly already. So all I would need is this:

1. One box exactly like these with no text or pictures (but in a format I can add text and pictures to like jpg).

2. A second box that is twice the length of the first one (or the space that two of these boxes would take up if they are side by side and have space between them as illustrated above).

Please let me know what you would charge me for these two boxes. Or if you are local but don't want to charge me I'm happy take you to lunch or dinner to thank you.


Have you found someone to do this for you yet? If not, can you tell me the colour code for the red on your website?

It's pretty straight forward.
No one yet. Unfortuantely I don't know the color code on my website. Can you do a view source and tell from their?
I can take my best shot, and email you what I've got. what's the best email?
Oh, and is there a specific dimension you'd prefer? Since I'm doing it from scratch, I wasn't sure if you'd want something specific.
poleforthesoul (at) gmail

Here is my classes page: http://www.poleforthesoul.com/classes.html

Can you make one box big enough to take up almost half the width of that page (enough so two can be side by side with a couple spaces in between) and a second box that takes up the entire width of the page.

Here is a sketch of what it would look like on my website. Just pretend the two boxes at the top are the same size. Need one the size on top and one the size on the bottom.

Thank you!