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socks and cat

Hot zombie

I feel like I would participate in more zombie events if there was a way to be sexy and/or scantily clad while zombified. But zombies are so ugly that it just isn't possible. Well this girl below found a way to be scantily clad and still have half her face looking sexy while being zombiefied. This girl managed to do what I didn't think was possible: have the hot zombie costume that makes ALL the other zombies at the event stop and admire/oggle her.


The "nudity" helps.
Most folks do tend to forget that a person is zombied with their entire body, not just the face. ;)
Let me know if you ever need to be a sexy zombie in Portland, OR. I love to do sexy zombie makeup!
I love the skull faces! I would love to have you paint my face for the Vampire ball!
Sweet! Let's talk again closer to the event.