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socks and cat

Is flat a rate fee a standard for webs design?

Just got the quote from the web designer I'm so hot for: $2200. He says this includes tweaks and changes to the design. I've never heard of a flat fee that includes changes. I would think that would not work in their best interest since I could end up making them tweak it and change it 10 or more times before it ever goes live. Is this is a standard practice in web design now - charging a flat fee that includes tweaks and changes (until it goes live)?


The flat fee makes sense, though it's been a while since I figured out pricing for such things. Here's a thought: Find a standard per-hour price and divide this amount by that. That'll give you a "rough" amount of hours that would come out of that amount if the job was an hourly-paid fee, from start to live.

One of the things with the flat-fee is that he is possibly EXPECTING changes once you go live, especially if you do not have the skills or access to do those edits yourself. How are you working with that? This is especially important if you have updates to things you want to add down the road and they are not the kind of thing you could do from some form of interface on a quicky basis.

Also: What rights do you have to the content if you decide to have someone else work the site other than him? Be sure that you don't lose any rights to the designs if you transfer to another designer or you decide to maintain yourself.
Thanks for the tip about ownership. Right now I make changes to the website on a weekly basis just opening the web page up in "Notebook" format and manually typing changes in using HTML. Then I drag it back into the FTP hosting thing. I could ask him to leave me the capability to at least change text with html.
Also - make sure the contract clarifies what "includes tweaks and changes" mean. Is there a time frame that this "unlimited tweeks" applies to? This is usually the case in "flat fee" Web Design.

And as was mentioned already - be sure that the "ownership" of the design and work isn't held by the designer, but passed to you when the site is "turned over".

Good point.
Seems normal to me. I paid about that and my website design was changed and tweaked until I was happy and gave the okay for it to go live.