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I think I may use this web designer for my company's new website

I have been slowly chipping away at the things I need to do in order to have my website re-done. I have a new logo and next on the list is a photo shoot for pictures on the website. In preparation I've been checking out other websites to find one I like. I can honestly say I have found one website that stands out above all others (it just happens to be a pole school website but I like it better than most commercial websites of any kind). I got the web designer's name (more like a team of designers at one company) and contact info from the pole school owner but she says they are expensive. I'm almost afraid to contact them and find out how much.

Here is the super amazing website:


And here is another one they did that I like: http://www.slodigitaldesigns.com/slo1/wine_pair/

And another one they did that I love: http://www.mikayogawear.com/

I especially love the way the photographs blend so beautifully with the background. I think it's flawless.


I'm always trying to use images that show that our classes are for every woman. So if you look on my current website I don't think you'll find any pics of women wearing shoes like that. I also try to avoid using skinny, young women as models for our school. When I did a paid photo shoot once I specifically asked for students (to photograph dancing during the shoot) who were ethnically diverse, plus size (or at least not model thin) and over 40 to show that our classes are for ALL women and not just skinny white girls in their 20's.
The second website isn't ipad friendly.. Just shows a blank black page.. Something to be aware of.. :)
Oh i stand corrected.. I just needed to delete the end of your url and go straight to their homepage.. Nevermind ;)
Quite a lot of the websites that they have done are crippled though because of heavy flash usage.. The two you linked were ok, though ( pole and yoga )
Not too bad. The only negative that stood out for me is on the venuspole site. The picture that claims the site is also on Myspace is rather sexually suggestive, especially to men. I know that you try to avoid that with your site though, so it shouldn't be an issue.
Exactly. The trick is figuring out what pictures I will use without being to sexual. Their best websites seem to be the ones featuring graphics of pretty women. Wonder how they'll do without those kinds of graphics.
The testimonials make references to someone named Sebastian.