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socks and cat

Wake the Dead

From the "Wake the Dead" night at Cafe Metro a couple weeks ago...

This last photo taken by sweetestkiss


Cute picture of you and Jeff! He is a sweetheart I used to work with long ago when he lived here!
Had no idea you two knew each other. Small world! Or rather, small North West.
It is such a small area! Last night I had a friend come over to practice her Mary Kay selling on me and she brought her Mary Kay mentor. Turns out, out of all the people for her to mentor with, it was this girl I did a Mary Kay party with like eight years ago and lost touch with!!! It was awesome to see her again and we were both squeeing like school girls because we got along so well and had so much fun doing the party. She loved doing a Goth chick makeover party and had a blast!